Sinna One is a Brighton based artist who paints his creations on the streets - On walls, on canvas, on paper and on pretty much anything else that he can get his hands on. 

Creating cartoons, portraiture, depictions of wildlife, funny versions of sci fi and the films and pop culture that he grew up with, Sinna doesn't class himself specifically as a graffiti or street artist.

It's more that the street is another canvas and outlet for the art that he creates. Whether it be funny or serious.

Sinna has spent many years training himself in the art of spray paint and freehand can control. 

He enjoys creating the majority of his works with only this medium. This is normally in the form of large scale murals.  However, in the past few years, he started to use stencils to create repeat images and clean logo works.

As well as the prints, originals and paintings that you might find here, he also is available for commissions - large or small. On canvas or on walls.

He also offers workshops and tutoring in spray paint techniques.


Get in touch for more information on commissions and workshops.